It uses an linear electric motor. Imagine a normal electric motor, slice it down the "axle" running through it, and peel it apart to make a strip. You make a long strip "track" and this becomes the electric motor that is used to throw you down the track.
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All the chevy cars that are new, not crap.... and that people have no idea exist because of shitty naming.... no marketing, and because most people safely assume they're still crap.

Viper. duh. Should be #1 on the list you are making.

Volvo. I cant even name a model. Everyone says they dont suck, but I dont even know… » 1/23/15 11:36am Friday 11:36am

The waiting list for ALL Teslas, and other desired EVs production or semi-custom, is very long.
The largest problem are batteries. We can not meet the volume required. This of course, means the price goes up too.

If I was a bilionare right now, I would be looking in the US and aroudn the world for somewhere I could mine… » 1/23/15 10:38am Friday 10:38am

Let's not forget that most of you who think leasing is stupid are usually the same folks that love to snatch up luxury cars after the depreciation. So even if you don't think leasing is wise for you, be thankful for those who do. Without leases, that lightly used luxury inventory would be much smaller.

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