Use this test. Have a friend talk into it.. then play it back.. does it sound exactly like them? yes? then it works the same with you... if it sounds flat/tinny/etc.... then its not a high enough quality device to hear yourself.
Your PC with a cheap microphone and speakers or good large headphones can work for this..… » 8/27/14 3:30pm Wednesday 3:30pm

well, theres a couple things here to note.. first, he slows down for every narrow section. second, its probably not his first time... and lastly... MOST modern jet skis have brakes.. some even have AUTOMATIC brakes... and you can always pull the reverse lever and gun it, for some "holy shit thats a fast stop" action... » 8/27/14 1:11pm Wednesday 1:11pm

You can easily buy them. They're just magnets. The only catch is they wont be "buckeyballs" brand.
The reason you cant just buy them is that people are fucking retarded. If people (I dont say kids, because this somehow happens to teenagers too) eat them, they come close when inside the intestines.. they then pull… » 8/27/14 12:52pm Wednesday 12:52pm

when the guy in black goes sliding along the left side.. the vintage whatever-that-is cuts further over into the space of the blue camera car... hes already trying to stop half on the grass... its amazing he cut over without an issue... but what I want to see is how close he was to that BMW he just passed on the… » 8/26/14 3:42pm Tuesday 3:42pm

dont over think it.. how can 2/3/4 blades spaced so close together hair cloggs it shave closer? how can the slight piviot of a head work better when you have a 100% movable wrist? how is it being on a ball "better"?
too much thought, and you might realize its all a scam of "Big Razor"
» 8/26/14 8:02am Tuesday 8:02am

4th gear sounds about right... We all know the dealership pricing for parts is often absurd... and we know that until the ODB-II standard was forced, it was getting impossible for independent mechanics to get the tools needed for proper diagnostics... and now that theres more to cars than what ODB-II defines, its… » 8/26/14 9:36am Tuesday 9:36am